Hackney Home Styling Accessories

Accessories are the final layer to your home décor.

They add texture, personality, and warmth but are an area many of us find challenging to get right!

Adding the right accessories requires you to delicately balance current trends with your own tastes, to create a home that looks amazing but feels personal.

Accessories should be fun. They can be rearranged throughout your rooms and switched as the seasons’ change.

At Amar Mustafa - The REAL Estate Agent I love a stylish accessory, so here are my ten current on-trend styling accessories for your home.

Dried Flowers

Florals are a great way to complete your property. You can find a style and colour palette to match just about any room, and of course they smell amazing.

However, keeping a constant stream of fresh bouquets in your home can become a logistical nightmare and extremely expensive!

Dried flowers provide an excellent alternative, looking fabulous and often lasting years.

Pampas grass is currently popular, perfect for earthy neutral rooms. However, to add a pop of colour to your space, consider dried Craspedia or even preserved Eucalyptus.

A Display Ladder

When styled correctly, a display ladder looks fresh off a dreamy Pinterest board.

It provides an inexpensive and stylish way to display books and ornaments without adding additional shelves to the walls. You could even add fairy lights or hanging plants to the display, which will completely elevate the piece.

Large, Antique Mirrors

Everyone knows the power of a large mirror in a room. Not only are they functional, but mirrors give the illusion of bigger, brighter spaces.

An oversized, antique floor mirror is the missing piece to every bedroom – it truly is the best home accessory. Opt for a mirror with a gold or brass frame for an authentic vintage feel.

Oversized antique mirrors work well with classic or upcycled furniture. Alternatively, they can be used to create a stark contrast against more minimal, modern items.

‘Grandmillennial’ Accessories

You can certainly be forgiven for not knowing about this one!

‘Grandmillennial’ refers to the styling technique that effortlessly blends the old and the new. Unsurprisingly, the name derives from a mix of the words’ ‘granny’ and ‘millennial’.

This style involves carefully blending embroidered textiles with crisp, clean lines to create the perfect fusion design.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are the perfect storage solution.

While they might not be a new phenomenon, this style is not going anywhere any time soon. They work fabulously in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, helping keep trinkets safe and out of view.

Great Quality Towels

A towel might not be the first home accessory that springs to mind, but great towels can transform your bathroom.

Your bathroom will likely afford you the least amount of flexibility concerning accessories. Therefore, carefully chosen towels are often a great way to add a splash of personality to your room.

Tie them together with some luxurious toiletry dispensers to help your style shine through.

Copper Everything

Copper is showing no sign of going out of fashion!

You can incorporate this on-trend material into all corners of your home. From the taps in the kitchen and bathroom, lamps in the living spaces and even handles on the bedroom furniture.

Copper works particularly well with dark backgrounds, so consider pairing it with navy or deep greens to make it pop.

Woven Indoor Planters

Most homes these days are filled with green, leafy houseplants. They freshen the air and allow us to add a splash of colour to otherwise bland rooms.

However, finding the perfect pots for them all can be a considerable challenge. Luckily, a mix-match of different colours and textures works great for accessorising rooms. When you want to soften a space, opt for a woven planter, which looks particularly attractive in bedrooms.

Oversized Artwork

Accessorising a room with artwork is a challenge. There is so much choice, and finding work that stands out but matches your scheme can be a challenge.

Many people also often opt for artwork that is not big enough for their walls, worried that a larger size will dominate the room. However, oversized artwork can create an excellent focal piece, especially in hallways, which are notoriously difficult to dress.

Don’t be frightened of choosing a daring, bright design. A bold piece can completely transform an otherwise dull wall.


Macrame is an essential element of every boho home!

It is the technique of creating art pieces using various knots and multiple textiles. Macrame wall hangings are great for above the bed, adding texture and personality.

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