Selling your most valuable asset can be a difficult process so it is essential to be well prepared.

Find a good estate agent

Estate agents will be promising the earth to sign you up, especially in a high demand market. Overvaluing is an unfortunate effect of this.

Check comparable property prices in your area to get a rough idea of what your property may be worth. If you are being promised your property will sell at an unrealistic price, be wary as an overpriced property that stays on the market too long will end up with you losing value on your home in the long run.

I will help you achieve the best possible price from the start. Book a free valuation so we can run through some of the techniques I utilise.

Instruct a conveyancing solicitor early

The legal side of selling your property, conveyancing, can take anywhere from 12 - 20 weeks plus. If you are in a high demand market, there may well be a backlog which will cause delays in the process.

So, make sure you instruct a conveyancer as soon as you have chosen your estate agent.

Choose a buyer carefully

Getting the best price for your home is definitely a priority but it’s also important to consider other factors. Does your buyer have a mortgage in principle that covers the price of your property? Are they involved in a long chain that may cause delays or worse, a fall through somewhere in the chain leading to your sale falling through as well?

Choosing what price to sell your home for will affect how long it will take to sell.

Stay on track

Once a buyer has been found it is vital to keep everything on track.

Unfortunately, 30% of sales fall through after finding a buyer and the legal work starts. I will be in constant communication with all parties, you - the seller, the buyer, mortgage broker, surveyors and conveyancers to make sure your sale completes without any major dramas.

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