Smart Home Buying Tips

Are you thinking of buying a smart home in Hackney?

Smart homes have many benefits. But should you buy one?

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a house or apartment that’s fitted with smart devices. This usually includes things like fridges that order food when you run out, apps that control your lights and heating, security systems (like video doorbells), and voice control features.

Should You Buy a Smart Home?

Buying a smart home can have lots of benefits. They have so many extra features that can make life more convenient for you.

Plus, recent reports have stated that smart homes could be priced 5% higher than non-smart homes. They can even sell quicker!

If you’re considering buying a smart home, here are some of the top things you should know.

1. You Can Save Energy

Even though you may have more electronics to run, a smart home can save you energy. Typically, smart devices are more energy-efficient than most other household appliances.

Plus, you can automate everything to cut unnecessary costs. If you forget to turn off the heating, lights, tumble dryer or even the TV when you go out, you can easily switch them off using your phone.

2. They Make Life Simpler

Smart homes can automate almost anything. You can turn on the heating before you get home or set your fridge to order food when you get low on certain items.

Smart features are designed with your convenience in mind. One study[1] even predicted that you could save eight whole days every year from having a smart home – which is basically a holiday!

3. Increased Security

Besides the doorbells that show you who’s at your door when you’re out, smart homes can have lots of other security benefits. If you’re away on holiday, it’s easy to make it look like you’re home.

You can automate the opening and closing of your blinds and have the lights turn on at night. Some smart homes even have cameras that will notify you if someone comes within the boundary of your home.

4. It’ll Be Easier To Sell

In a recent survey of UK homebuyers[2], more than 50% of people said they wanted a smart home and would be willing to pay more for one. Smart homes are also soaring to the top of property developer agendas.

If you own a smart home, you could expect a quicker sale and a 5% boost in resale value[3].

5. Smart Homes Are Fun!

Besides the convenience, smart homes can be great fun!

You can play around with the speakers, play pranks, or boil the kettle from upstairs to drop hints when someone’s in the kitchen!

Are You Convinced?

If a smart home is a priority for you when buying in Hackney, let us know!

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