I have lived in Hackney my whole life and have seen many changes here and also around various parts of East London.

I spent over 25 years helping to build a solid and locally well-known family run estate agents which has been running since 1986.

The time was right to move forwards, so I have partnered with Prestige & Village for sales and started my own brand for lettings. This will help me to give you the seller, buyer, landlord and tenant an even greater level of service with no compromise.

Key principles

I will always endeavour to work with you using principles I have used throughout my life to ensure you get the level of service you deserve.

Honesty - I will be totally honest with you, providing realistic valuations of properties instead of overvaluing in order to get sellers or landlords to sign up only to end up losing in the long run. You will be fully informed and constantly kept up to date about properties you are buying, selling or renting.

Integrity - Having spent over 25 years in my family property business in Hackney I like to think I have built a good reputation of always being honest, hard-working and standing by my principles. I will try my best to maintain this integrity in everything that I do for you.

Trust - Any good business is built on trust, I will endeavour to continue to build good relationships with clients based on honesty, transparency and trust.