Hackney E5 Property Guide

Hackney has been hitting the headlines lately, this East London borough was voted the best place to live in the capital. I have lived in Hackney all of my life, over 40 years now, and am happy to see the area now being ranked so highly, a far cry from where it used to be not so long ago. I recently made a series of videos, the Top 20 Most Expensive Streets in Hackney E5. Bear in mind Hackney is a large area with many postcodes, 12 in total, this series of videos covers the E5 postcode only. As there are 20 videos in total, I will add links to numbers 20 - 16 in this article and continue the next five in an article to follow soon..

To view the videos, simply click on the street in the list. I have also made a list of Top 20 most expensive streets in Hackney as a whole, this featured in Time Out magazine and I will reveal it in the last of this series of articles. I hope you enjoy the videos and if you have any questions, get in touch by clicking here

Top 20 most expensive streets in Hackney E5

No. 20 - Sewdley Street

No. 19 - Powerscroft Road

N0. 18 - Thistlewaite Road

No. 17 - Cotesbach Road

No. 16 - Durlston Road