Moving Tips for Buyers and Sellers in Walthamstow

Why Pay Extra To Move Items Not Required At Your New Home?

Buying a property in Walthamstow will almost certainly be the most significant purchase you’ll ever make; however, your house move needn’t cost the earth.

At Amar Mustafa - The REAL Estate Agent, we often speak with clients who need advice to minimise their removal costs, so today, we are bringing you our very best ideas to help you save money on your house move.

1. Clear Out The Clutter

There’s no point in paying extra to move items into your new home you don’t want or need, so it makes sense to clear out any clutter before booking your chosen removal company. With less clutter, you will save money on packing boxes, and with less to load up, the number of hours the removal team will be needed for may also be reduced.

If you’re putting items into storage, having fewer boxes will also reduce your expenses as you will need a smaller unit. As a bonus, if you sell your unwanted items before your move, you will have some extra cash to put towards your costs!

2. Choose The Right Removals Team

Comparing prices between different local removal companies is essential. Getting the best deal is important, so you should get multiple quotes from local companies. You should check out their reviews, too, as this will reassure you that you’re choosing trusted professionals to handle your belongings.

3. Book Removal Services Early

The earlier you can book your removals team, the better, especially if you’re moving on a bank holiday or during peak seasons. An early booking allows you to budget more efficiently and gives you the best chance of being able to use your preferred company.

4Check For Discounts

Some removal companies offer discounts for armed forces, key workers, students, or OAPs, so check every company’s website and don’t be afraid to call and ask about possible discounts.

5Reduce Packing Material Costs

Whenever possible, use second-hand removals boxes or consider renting them from the removals company. You can avoid spending money on bubble wrap by using your soft furnishings, clothing, towels, and blankets to wrap and protect fragile items.

6Disassemble Large Items Yourself

You can save money by taking apart large items like beds and other large pieces of furniture rather than booking your removal company’s disassembly service to do it for you. If the removal team need to disassemble any items that won’t fit through the doors, you’ll need to pay more.

7Manage Your Time

If you delay your removals team on the day itself, you could be charged more to cover the cost of their time. Good time management is essential. Ensure everything is packed well before your removal team arrives, ensure that it’s easy to access your property and that items like the dishwasher and washing machine have been disconnected already. This will ensure you don’t face additional charges due to unexpected hold-ups.

Although moving can be stressful, it needn’t be expensive!

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