Removals Costs Guide

There is a vast array of criteria to consider when budgeting for an upcoming house move in Walthamstow.

Removal costs are often a forgotten expense. However, it is essential to account for them, preventing any nasty surprises.

How do Removal Companies Charge?

There are a variety of ways companies bill for their services. Most will charge hourly, which means the quantity of items you require moving is generally a good indicator of how much the job will cost.

Try to give the removals company the most accurate description of your home and belongings to obtain the best quote.

No two homes will look the same, and basing your move on the number of bedrooms can mean you estimate completely wrong. Underestimating the number of items you need moving will only lead to a larger than expected bill, a frustrated workforce, and a more stressful process.

Which day of the week you chose to move will affect the cost. Fridays and Saturdays are generally the busiest, and therefore the most expensive day to move to a new house.

Beware of simply choosing the company with the lowest rates. Remember, they are transporting your possessions, and the last thing you want is any hiccups on the final hurdle of the moving process.

Long Distance Moves

Most removal companies will charge a minimum fee, equating to their rate for two hours. However, this flat fee is generally not a cause for concern. Even the shortest of moves usually take longer than this when loading and unloading the van is considered.

Long-distance moves are generally much more expensive due to the time required to drive between properties. You may, therefore, be tempted to hire a van and move yourself. However, by doing so, you could be adding a great deal of unwanted and unnecessary stress to your day.

Packing Services

You may also choose to hire the removal company to pack and unpack your belongings. This can further help reduce stress in the lead up to the move.

However, this service comes at a cost. Expect to pay anywhere from £150 for a one-bedroom property towards the £500 mark for a three-bedroom home.

Although this is an extra expense to add to the process, it can be worth it if you lack the time or inclination to get involved with these tasks. You will be impressed with the efficiency with which the professionals work.

Be sure to discuss whether materials (packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap) will be provided by the team when calculating the expense.

Many removal companies will also offer a dismantling service. Perfect for any flat pack furniture that you wish to rebuild in your new home, helping with the logistics of moving between rooms. These services generally start from around £100, depending on the item and the company.

Special Care Items

If you have any particularly delicate or precious items you want to be handled with more care, you will pay more for the removal company to deal with them.

This may include using specially designed crates for expensive electronics such as televisions and computers or carefully wrapping any delicate art pieces.

Extra Equipment Required

The removal company might need to use extra equipment for any particularly heavy or challenging items you own. Some pieces may not fit up or down the stairs, meaning they have to be removed through windows. This process will undoubtedly add to the total bill.


Unfortunately, delays can occur when it comes to moving home. If your move is delayed by a matter of hours, there may be a waiting charge to pay to the removal company to cover the time they have lost.

If your move is delayed to a completely different day, there may be a cancellation fee payable. Consider other factors that may be included, such as the price of storing items or funding accommodation for yourself should the move become disjointed.


Insurance is one of the most significant benefits of choosing a removal company over attempting the task yourself. Good companies will offer a range of insurance plans, starting from as little as £20, ranging up to insurance covering you for £50,000 worth of damages.

Insurance is always recommended to give you peace of mind during the moving process.

Final Thoughts on Removal Costs

It is tough to place an accurate figure on how much your move will cost. There are many factors that will need to be considered, including the number of items you have, the level of support you require and the distance you are moving. So it’s best to do your research and gain quotes from multiple companies.

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