Healthy Family Home Stoke Newington

Is Your Home A Safe Place For Your Family?

Since we spend around 90% of our daily lives indoors, ensuring that your property in Stoke Newington is a safe place for your family to live couldn’t be more critical. With our complete healthy home checklist, you can make simple changes in every room and keep stale air, chemicals, and unseen pathogens to a minimum.

In Your Bedroom

  • Buy a quality mattress. Getting enough high-quality sleep is essential for good health, with obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, and type II diabetes all associated with insufficient sleep.
  • Air your duvet and sheets. Before making your bed, allow the duvet and sheets to air for at least an hour to control dust mites.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep environment. Bedrooms should be kept at a temperature between 15.5 and 19.5 degrees Celsius. Use blackout curtains and wear earplugs to promote more restful sleep.

In Your Bathroom

  • Eliminate mould. Maintain the caulking and grout to prevent mould growth around the sink, bath, and shower.
  • Use a fan. After showering, always run your bathroom fan for at least 20 minutes to draw the damp air out of the room and avoid mould spreading.
  • Close your toilet lid. Every time you flush, make sure you shut the lid! If you don’t, microscopic particles will be blown out and land on everything inside a 2m radius.

In Your Kitchen

  • Bin your sponges. Your kitchen sponge retains food particles and water and is full of bacteria. Use a scrubbing brush or thin cloth instead.
  • Disinfect the sink. You should disinfect the bottom and sides of your sink at least once weekly to eliminate germs.

In Your Living Room

  • Switch soft fabrics for machine-washable alternatives. Ensure all your throws, cushion covers, and curtains can be machine-washed to keep allergens and dust under control.
  • Clean carpets regularly. Your carpets are full of mould spores, pet hair, and dust mites that can cause allergic reactions. Vacuum them regularly and wash them at least once a year.
  • Buy house plants. Indoor plants have been proven to reduce psychological and physiological stress.
  • Clean the TV remote. Your TV remote gets handled every day multiple times and by multiple people, so it’s not surprising that it’s full of germs. Use a disinfectant wipe to clean it and kill the bacteria.
  • Use homemade cleaning products. When cleaning hardwood floors, forget chemical cleaners that can irritate your lungs. Instead, use a mix of water and lemon oil or vinegar. It will keep your floors looking spotless without any harmful elements.
  • Open a window. Compared with the amount of chemical pollutants in the air outside, the air inside your home contains up to five times more. Chemicals are found in everything from paint to flame retardants in your furniture, so opening up your windows to allow fresh air to circulate is the best way to ensure your indoor environment remains as healthy as possible.

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